Marc Alan Associates

With over 50 years of experience in the Automotive Aftermarket, Marc Alan Associates has developed a reputation that is among the finest in the industry.

With the largest sales staff in the Northeast, Marc Alan Associates has both the manpower and the breadth of lines to service both the retail and traditional markets. But it is not just the quantity of salesmen and support personnel that sets us apart; it is the quality. Our team is focused and dedicated, with our primary objectives to provide knowledge and service to our business partners.

At Marc Alan Associates, we pride ourselves in going beyond just the selling function. We work to ensure our products move off our customers’ shelves through marketing expertise, field training, and pull-through support. We have developed internal systems that are unique to our industry that allow us to perform our strategic functions efficiently and effectively.

Marc Alan Associates is a team consisting of the most respected individuals in the aftermarket. We have a passionate commitment to both our business and the manufacturers we proudly represent.

Thank you,
Marc Alan Associates, Inc

Marc A. Weiss